ITU Digital World is the premise for Vietnam and ITU to join hands to build a digital world

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Phan Tam emphasized, ITU Digital World is an important premise for Vietnam to continue to play an active and leading role in international cooperation, together with ITU and its member countries to implement global initiatives. .

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Phan Tam emphasized, ITU Digital World is an opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to promote their brands to expand markets, approach customers and partners from 193 member countries of ITU.

The World Digital Exhibition and Ministerial Conference 2021 was held in Vietnam. Why is Vietnam hosting and what are our goals when organizing this event, sir?

Deputy Minister Phan Tam: ITU Telecom World is a global event initiated by the World Telecommunication Union for the first time in 1971. During the past 50 years, ITU Telecom World has become the world’s leading telecommunications convention and exhibition. The global event is expected and welcomed by the telecommunications, IT and digital businesses community as an opportunity to strengthen cooperation and promote the spread of knowledge, innovations and technological values ​​to the whole world.

In 2020, Vietnam co-hosted ITU’s Ministerial Conference and Digital World Expo for the first time online.

Following this success, our hosting of the Ministerial Conference and the Digital World Expo 2021 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary event will mark a milestone in the history of Vietnam – ITU relations, affirming the technological capabilities of the two countries. Vietnam, contributing to consolidating and enhancing Vietnam’s position in the world.

This is an important premise to help Vietnam continue to play an active and leading role in international cooperation, together with ITU and its member countries to implement global initiatives, and join hands in building a digital world.

Can you tell me the size of the event? What are the highlights of the World Digital Expo and Ministerial Conference 2021?

Deputy Minister Phan Tam: This is the largest, global annual event of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a United Nations organization with 193 member countries and more than 800 industry members.

Formerly known as ITU Telecom World, this event was officially renamed as ITU Digital World from 2020 on the initiative of Minister of Information and Communications of Vietnam Nguyen. Manh Hung. This year, ITU Digital World includes a series of events: Online thematic discussion sessions (taking place for 3 months from September to November); Ministerial Conference (takes place in 3 days from October 12-14); Online Exhibition (takes place for 1 month from October 12 to November 12); ITU Award for Small and Medium Enterprises “ITU SME Virtual Awards” (Award ceremony held in December).

The Ministerial Conference is a high-level event where ministers from ITU member countries, telecommunications managers, senior leaders of large enterprises and corporations in this field exchange and share Share about new policies, regulations, and effective public-private partnership models to promote digital transformation. Specific content will be mentioned such as: Will cutting costs, affordable network access help speed up the digital transformation process? What new policies, regulations, and how governments encourage business and public-private partnership models work best to reduce costs for end users.

In addition, the conference also discussed infrastructure advancement, including accelerating and optimizing broadband infrastructure deployment, and explored some of today’s most advanced approaches. Government services and content to promote digital transformation; ways to collaborate between governments, businesses, and civil society organizations to reduce inequality, close the digital divide, and ensure that no citizen is left behind.

In addition to the conference part, the online exhibition is where 2D and 3D online booths of businesses and countries display products, services, and digital solutions. This year, the online exhibition platform has been continuously improved by Vietnamese businesses with many new features.

This is an opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to promote their brands to expand their markets, reach customers and partners from 193 member countries of ITU. The exhibition will bring many unique experiences, demonstrating the willingness, creativity and cooperation of organizations, individuals and businesses for a peaceful, cooperative and prosperous digital world.

As a member of ITU, what role and benefits does Vietnam play in this organization?

Deputy Minister Phan Tam: From 1975 until now, the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has been the sole legal representative of the united Vietnam to participate in the International Telecommunication Union.

Since 1982, Vietnam has participated in ITU’s Plenipotentiary Conferences (held every 4 years), contributing to the development of the ITU’s strategic plan in each period and protecting Vietnam’s sovereignty. on the use of telecommunications resources, radio frequency spectrum and satellite orbit.

In 1994, for the first time, Vietnam was elected to the ITU Executive Council (the supreme body of the ITU consisting of 40 countries elected between the two Plenipotentiary Conferences) for the 1994-1998 term. Next, Vietnam was re-elected for the 1998-2002 and 2002-2006 terms.

In 2014, for the first time, Vietnam had a representative elected to the Radiocommunication Regulation Committee including 12 representatives of 12 out of 193 national members of ITU, term 2014-2018 and continued to be re-elected. elected for the 2018-2022 term.

Vietnam also hosts many ITU events in Vietnam such as the CLMV Ministerial Conference (period 2009 – 2012), the Smart City Conference, the Asia Pacific Conference. prepare for the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference, Frequency Management Workshop, human resource development seminars and courses, and especially the Digital World Expo and Ministerial Conference 2020, 2021.

From 2011 to now, Vietnam has received a lot of support from ITU in policy development as well as capacity building such as: Consulting on amending the Law on Telecommunication and the Law on Radio Frequency; capacity building program for VNCERT staff in handling national emergency computer problems; Technical advice and capacity building for telecommunications staff in the field of telecommunications digital warehouse management; Advising the Department of Telecommunication and the Department of Radio Frequency in planning the national strategy on national mobile broadband development; Capacity building for units in the field of statistics; Technical advice to the radio frequency management and policy making team; Coordinate research on effective Internet access models in Vietnam…

Vietnam will continue to exploit the ITU and its member countries to assist in policy and technical development as well as to mobilize financial resources from international organizations for the development and modernization of digital infrastructure. ; implementing the national digital transformation program, training human resources, receiving advanced experience in management. Through the ITU, Vietnam can fight to protect its sovereignty, national interests and equality in the use of telecommunications resources. Participating in ITU contributes to helping Vietnam affirm its role as an active and responsible member of the international community.

In the context of the complicated development of the Covid pandemic, but Vietnam overcame difficulties to host the 2021 World Online Ministerial Conference and Exhibition. Is that proof that technology supports society society adapting to the new normal, sir?

Deputy Minister Phan Tam: Over the past two years, Covid-19 has created many difficulties and challenges for us.

As a country affected by the pandemic, especially the outbreak caused by the fourth wave of the Delta mutation, Vietnam’s economy is still expected to grow in the medium and long term thanks to efforts to accelerate the roadmap. national digital transformation, towards the development of a digital economy, a people-centered digital society, with the ability to apply digital technology to improve the effectiveness of pandemic control measures.

Covid will also pass. But it is important who will be the one to adapt quickly, promptly change to overcome with stronger vitality. In this process, it is crucial to move the activity to the digital environment quickly. Therefore, the Ministerial Conference and seminars within the framework of this year’s Digital Ministerial Conference and World Online Exhibition 2021 focus on discussing policies and solutions to accelerate digital transformation. .

In Vietnam, the Government has issued an e-Government Development Strategy towards Digital Government. Government activities will move rapidly to the digital environment. In this year 2021, Vietnam will step up to improve institutions, issue legal frameworks and strategies related to digital transformation and the digital economy.

Vietnam is focusing all its resources on building a modern digital infrastructure, accelerating the development of the digital economy. Frequency licensing and service provision will be implemented in Q4 to ensure 5G coverage nationwide by 2022; will turn off 2G signal from 2023; promote universal use of smartphones. These are important platforms to implement a comprehensive, nationwide, nationwide digital transformation.

If people want to have confidence to move to the digital environment, ensuring network safety and security is a prerequisite. In 2020, Vietnam was ranked 25th out of 193 countries by ITU in terms of global cybersecurity and safety, an increase of 25 places compared to 2018. This confirms a great step forward in safety assurance capacity. , our network security.

With the drastic direction of the Prime Minister, with the determination and efforts of the entire ICT and digital technology industry, Vietnam is resiliently overcoming challenges, using digital technology to win the epidemic; develop digital infrastructure to promote digital economy and digital society; Join hands with countries around the world to close the digital divide so that no one is left behind.

Thank you, sir!

Thai Khang (Perform)

Vietnam to host the Global Digital World Exhibition

Vietnam to host the Global Digital World Exhibition

ITU Digital World is ITU’s annual global event, where telecommunications and IT businesses around the world focus on introducing the most advanced technology products, services and solutions.


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