It’s my job. These professions which are recruiting despite the crisis: commercial

The salesperson, and in particular the technical salesperson, helps companies to move forward. Illustrative photo. (SIGRID OLSSON / MAXPPP)

According to a study conducted by Randstad, the trade of salesperson is on the podium of the three most sought-after professions. A trend confirmed by the Adecco barometer, which places commercial at the top of the number of job offers. Sales reps have long been the darlings of recruiters, but the movement has gained momentum recently. “Interest in sales functions increased sharply after the crisis, explains Céline Preclin Achin, senior manager at Randstad. The companies, after crossing the desert wanted to fill their order books again, to be as aggressive as possible in conquering new markets, so the sales profession had the wind in its sails after the crisis. “

There was no slowdown in this movement with the second confinement. Technical sales people, in particular, were already in great demand. They have a bright future ahead of them, according to Céline Preclin Achin: “I see him rich, with shortages on these profiles because there is a strong expectation from the technical part of salespeople.”

Of course, wages follow this trend. A beginner receives between 25,000 and 35,000 euros per year, but with up to 60% of the variable part. And a confirmed technical salesperson can greatly exceed 100,000 euros per year. The sector is open to work-study. The balance of power is clearly in favor of the candidates.

“Today, everyone is on the lookout for these profiles and it has grown, so the market is very interesting for a job seeker, we are actually chasing them now.”

Céline Preclin Achin, Randstad

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In this tight market, certain specialties are even more sought after than others: “These are the companies manufacturing parts for the construction industry. The sector functioned throughout the health crisis. The production companies had large order books and had to strengthen their sales force quickly”, concludes Céline Preclin Achin. The big advantage of this job, he recruits everywhere in France.

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