It’s my job. Start-ups are struggling to recruit


More than 25,000 direct jobs will be created by start-ups in 2021. According to this study by the recruitment firm Hays, published on Tuesday April 6 and carried out with more than 150 start-ups, the crisis is not preventing hiring. 93% of young shoots surveyed plan to expand their teams this year.

Three quarters will offer permanent contracts, while 25% are looking for independent workers and 14% for consultants. But one thing in common unites all these young companies which are launching themselves: they have difficulty finding the right profiles, they compete for the same candidates and they cannot compete with the large groups.

Start-ups first look for sellers, to find customers. Developers, those who will create computer programs, come only second and quite far behind. It also takes marketers to promote the products.

And all of these people are hard to find. These small companies have difficulty attracting applicants. Three-quarters of those who have recruited in the past twelve months have experienced recruitment difficulties. 14% qualify these difficulties as “extreme”. It is the computer developers that they have the most difficulty in bringing in. There is a fierce battle around these candidates: everyone needs the same profiles. And start-ups recognize that they are not able to offer the same salaries as large groups, that they do not offer the same job security or the same benefits.

These recruitments are all the harder as the companies are demanding on the qualities sought. It’s not just technical skills that are important to working in a start-up. The recruiters interviewed say that they expect candidates above all to be able to work in a team, to work independently and in a proactive manner. They must also have a real passion for the product sold and share the vision and strategy of the founders. People ready to make a real commitment, not always easy to find in the job market.

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