It’s my job on Monday, April 19, 2021

The Suez Tower in the La Defense district of Paris. Illustrative tour. (JOEL SAGET / AFP)

The virus, Isabelle Calvez had time to see it coming. It first touched its establishments in China, then in Italy. Very quickly, a crisis unit was set up seven days a week. Priority: bring in protective equipment, in particular for two-thirds of the employees who, to manage the water service, must remain in the field. A new profession, she says: “We had to improvise as a logistician, take care of customs clearance, quality, masks or gels … Lots of problems that we had not considered at all”. We have to reorganize the routes, put everyone at a safe distance, especially in the trucks. The problems that HRD must solve are endless.

You had to be responsive, be agile, manage, and then reassure people

Isabelle Calvez

on franceinfo

The crisis also resulted in 16 deaths in the group and then employees closely affected: “Employees who had deaths in their families, who had relatives who were sick, dependent or hospitalized … You have to understand the individual situation, not to put pressure, to be able to understand that people who are in difficulty, Now is not the time to make them three conf-calls a day and harass them over the phone. So we had to adapt management to this very particular period. ” stresses Isabelle Calvez.

New management, and new postures. For Isabelle Calvez, the disease has taken off the masks, split the armor. “This has simplified the relationship, we are less in the function, we are more in the person, we take off the costumes a little. And besides, in companies, the look of people has changed a lot, it’s much more ‘casual’ as they say. We play less of a role, we are more ourselves “, concludes Isabelle Salvez.

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