It’s my job. An application to facilitate the denunciation of harassment in the workplace

The #NotMe application allows employees to report acts of harassment at work. (APPLICATION SCREENSHOT)

The #NotMe application was launched by a Franco-American lawyer in the United States three years ago. Ariel Wendling has already convinced some forty American companies, especially in the field of new technologies, to adopt his solution. Why Notme? To say “not me, I will no longer be the victim who does not report the problem, I will no longer be a witness without reporting it, and I will no longer be a company that hides the dust under the carpet”.

The company gives its employees a QR code which allows them to access the application. On #NotMe, they can complete a report by answering simple questions. What type of assault is it, who committed it, what happened, where and how. This can be anonymous if desired. This in fact avoids going to physically find his hierarchical superior or the HRD, which can set some employees back.

The message is sent to the referents in the company. The HRD, the person in charge of equality and the staff representatives, for example. Who will then contact the employee via the messaging system offered by the application, to see the degree of seriousness of the situation. These can be “heavy” jokes or assaults. The idea is zero tolerance. In the working world, 20% of women say they have already been victims of harassment or sexual violence.

This application helps not to let unhealthy behavior pass. We can denounce it instantly and in a secure manner. She leaves a trace, the employer will not be able to say that he did not know. Employees who complain keep proof of their denunciation. Some French companies say they are interested. McCann advertising agency is in the running. In 2019, she was accused of not having reacted sufficiently to acts of harassment. Business and engineering schools too. Science Po, in turmoil with the hashtag sciencesporcs, has also expressed interest.

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