It’s my house. MaPrimeRénov ‘: what financial assistance for your work?

A worker insulates the roof of a house. MaPrimeRénov ‘is a new aid for energy renovation. Illustrative photo. (MAXPPP)

Since October 1, all homeowners can benefit from MaPrimeRénov ‘, state financial assistance for home renovation. All owners are now concerned, explains Charlie Cailloux, legal advisor for the real estate site

franceinfo: How does this PrimeRénov ‘feature?

Charlie Cailloux: As the name suggests, it’s a bonus! So a sum of money that is paid directly to the individual who has carried out energy saving work. The PrimeRénov ‘has been in effect since January 1, 2020, but until now it only concerned households with modest resources and only for their main residence.

Since October 1, all owners have been affected, regardless of their resources, whether they are owner-occupiers or lessors. It should still be specified that the amount of assistance varies according to the income and composition of the household, the type of work you undertake. Potentially, all homeowners can benefit, but not for the same amount, and the list of jobs is reduced for more affluent homeowners.

What work is eligible for the bonus?

There is a very precise list of jobs, with a premium amount for each household profile. And if I summarize this list, it is the insulation (of the roof, the walls and the windows), the heating and the production of hot water (the installation of a pellet boiler for example) as well as ventilation. Obviously, the materials and equipment must be very efficient and meet very specific technical characteristics! And the work must be carried out by an RGE craftsman (that is to say recognized as guarantor of the environment).

How to ask for this help?

The first thing to do is to identify your need for work and the assistance to which you are entitled. MaPrimeRénov ‘can be combined with other aids, it’s quite complicated and to find your way around, I advise you to speak to an advisor from the network (it is a public service platform whose goal is to guide individuals in their energy renovation work, here is the number: 0 808 800 700 (free service, price of a call).

Second step: you get quotes from craftsmen (RGE therefore) and once the work has been done, you request payment of the premium, justifying the invoice.

And it’s been in effect since October 1, so we can get started now!

Yes ! Since October 1, all signed quotes may be subject to a premium regardless of the owner’s situation. Be careful, however, if you are part of the new households newly affected by MaPrimeRénov ‘, that is to say if you have intermediate or higher income OR if you are a landlord, you will only be able to apply for the bonus from January 1 2021 for the former, and from July 1, 2021 for the latter. Hence the interest of verifying that your work is eligible before you start.

From individual to individual
From individual to individual (PAP.FR)

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