It’s my business. Working on Sundays: what are the rules?

Working on Sundays, yes, but with what legislation and rules? (Illustration) (CHRISTOPHE MORIN / MAXPPP)

Olivier Angotti is a lawyer, specializing in labor law, at FTMS in Paris, and he has worked a lot on these labor issues on Sundays.

franceinfo: For all employees, outside the retail trade, is Sunday a day necessarily not worked?

Olivier Angotti : No, the principle is that the weekly rest is given on Sunday, but there are dozens of exceptions. In industry, it is very common to have teams working on weekends. In establishments that welcome the public such as cafes, hotels, restaurants, clinics, there are a lot of people who work as of right on weekends.

Are they necessarily better paid?

No. This is often the case, but the law does not provide for it. The law only provides for it for retail trade in certain areas. But the law does not provide for it, even if many collective agreements invite the employer or oblige him.

What are the conditions in retail businesses?

Already, the principle is to be a volunteer for Sunday work. The pay is usually increased by 100%, that is, people are paid double.

Can we also get out of volunteering?

Absolutely. The employer calls on volunteers. He explains to them the salary increase, how he takes care of the consequences, for example in terms of childcare, and he reminds them of the possibility at any time to come out, even if we do not leave a Sunday. on the other, the employer must be allowed time to reorganize.

How is all this negotiated?

You have all sizes of businesses. Negotiating means being with trade unions and that means being in large companies. So either we have a collective agreement, in the biggest companies, the department stores, or we depend on a small company, and there, we are on the principle of a unilateral declaration of the employer after a kind of referendum with the employees.

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