It’s my business. What are the rights of job seekers?

A man in front of an employment agency in Montbéliard (Doubs). (LIONEL VADAM / MAXPPP)

Christine Robat is a human resources expert at SVP. In these times of health crisis and rising unemployment, what benefits are the unemployed entitled to?

franceinfo: When you register for unemployment, is there a delay for everyone before receiving benefits?

Christine Robat: There are time limits that are applied before receiving allowances. They are three in number. There is the one that applies if we receive compensation for paid vacation, at the time of termination. There is a second deadline which is the deferral of specific compensation. It applies if one receives a severance indemnity greater than a legal severance indemnity.

For example in the context of a conventional break?

No contractual breach, because they are excluded to trigger this period, unless we have negotiated a breach greater than the legal amount. But that can be the case in the context of a transaction. The third case is the seven-day waiting period, which in principle applies to everyone, unless it has already been applied in the past, during the previous 12 months. But these three deadlines do not apply if you sign up to a professional security contract.

How long will I be able to receive benefits?

It depends on your age and the number of days you worked during a reference period, which is 24 months or 36 months, if you are over 53 years old. To be entitled to benefits, you must have worked a minimum of time: 88 days or 610 hours. There are also maximum compensation periods: for people under 53, it’s two years; between 53 and 55, it’s 30 months and for those 55 and over, it’s three years.

Will these allowances decrease over time?

Normally, there is a degressivity mechanism, that is to say that the allowances are reduced by 30%, but only for those under 57 years old, and those who receive a daily allowance of 84.67 euros. This degressivity only begins after 182 days of compensation. But because of the health crisis, the degression has been suspended and will not be applied, at the earliest, until March 1, 2021.

Do I have to look for work at any age?

Yes, there was a waiver for those over 57, but it was removed in 2012.

Do I have the right to take vacation?

Yes, job seekers are entitled to five weeks. They must declare it to Pôle Emploi, 72 hours before the absence. It is a time during which one is exempt from looking for a job.

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