It’s easier for Saigon people to start shopping online

More shippers are allowed to operate, so online shopping in Ho Chi Minh City in the past few days has improved.

When Ho Chi Minh City tightens the travel activities of many people, it is difficult for a part of people to buy essential goods. However, in the last few days the situation has begun to improve.

A shipper buys essential goods during the period when Ho Chi Minh City tightens the distance. (Photo: Hai Dang)

Ms. Thanh My (Tan Phu) placed an order in supermarkets a few days ago, but often did not receive orders despite trying many channels. But on August 30, she was able to buy goods from the Co.op Mart supermarket near her house.

Currently, to buy food, people in Ho Chi Minh City have the option to order via apps like Grab, ShopeeFood, Baemin,… or through supermarket channels.

In the supermarket channel, systems such as Bach Hoa Xanh, Co.op Mart, Vinmart+ all set up Zalo for each store for people to shop conveniently.

As Ms. Thanh My made friends with Zalo account of Co.op Mart Hoa Binh supermarket (Tan Phu). After that, she went to the website of the supermarket system, selected the goods on paper and sent the photos to the supermarket.

“This way of doing it is quite manual, a bit inconvenient, but is it better than nothing,” My shared. Ordered on the morning of August 30, My sister received the goods that afternoon, a fairly fast speed during this period. However, on August 31, when she ordered again, it was delivered on September 2, depending on the time. The goods are not enough compared to the order Ms. My needs and must pay cash to the delivery staff.

Bach Hoa Xanh and VinMart+ set up Zalo chat groups for each individual store. VinMart+ in the early days of ordering by live chat in the group was quite time consuming and difficult to manage, now it has switched to a common ordering link for the whole system, operating smoothly. Particularly, Bach Hoa Xanh allows customers to fill out forms to buy necessities.

By setting up an order system, VinMart+ will tell you which supermarkets in your area have stopped accepting orders to prevent customers from re-ordering. This solves the problem that many people chat in the group but do not respond, causing frustration before.

VinMart+ also encourages customers to order over 300,000 VND and only serve a maximum of 2 times/day for one customer.

In fact, there is still a situation where orders are canceled, orders have been confirmed but goods are lacking, in the early morning the goods will be more diverse than in the evening.

In addition to the supermarket channel, people in Ho Chi Minh City can order food through ride-hailing apps. Previously, the shipper was suspended in the red zone districts, but now all areas in Ho Chi Minh City allow this force to operate, so ordering is “easier”.

Ms. Bao Vy (Phu Nhuan) said that she could still order in the last few days, just waiting for the shipper to receive the order longer than usual. Usually she has to wait about 45 minutes or more to receive.

Meanwhile, Ms. Thanh My has ordered a delivery shipper in Tan Phu in the last two days and has not yet seen a recipient.

The reason is that the driver is required to have at least one dose of vaccine, the rapid test is negative every day or every 3 days, making the shipper force in this period not as large as before.

On the other hand, certain areas will lack delivery workers because they are afraid to move around (blocked alleys) or through too many checkpoints and can only move within the district, etc.

In addition to the two main channels above, city people still have a variety of shopping channels on the spontaneous online markets of districts or apartments.


HCMC: E-commerce delivers more goods, what do people buy?

HCMC: E-commerce delivers more goods, what do people buy?

Online exchanges started to deliver goods again in Ho Chi Minh City after the government eased regulations for shippers, people focused on buying essentials and stationery.


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