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It’s called luck! Lottery held twice with the same number, won 50 lakh rupees

Lottery Winner: It is said that winning the lottery is a game of luck. This seems to be true when a woman wins the lottery twice with the same number. Many people in the world try their luck on the lottery, some get success and some are left empty. In this world, there is a craze among people to play lotteries from India to America, Britain, Ireland and Dubai. There are some lucky ones who win big money. Luck was also very kind with a woman from America that she won the lottery twice with the same number.

This incident is from America where a woman living in Hyattsville made equal bets on the same horse in the Racetracks virtual horse racing game of Maryland Lottery. This woman won the second prize of $ 30,946 in two months. The woman told the officials that 10, 11 and 12 were her favorite bets and won a total prize money of $ 61,892 i.e. Rs 49.34 lakh.

Used to try luck on one or two lotteries every week

According to a report, this woman used to bet on one or two lotteries every week by trying her luck. Under this, one morning he realized that it was the perfect time to make another bet. So he bought a ticket from Kenilworth Avenue in Hyattsville. When he bought the ticket for the first time, the cashier had the numbers out of stock. Then she told the cashier the number, and when the cashier called her, she was shocked because she had again won the amount of $ 30,946.

Didn’t care about the race

After the number was out of stock, he reminded the cashier what he wanted, so he got into thinking. Then the cashier saw that the lottery numbers of that woman were flashing continuously but this lady was not paying attention to the race but the cashier was paying attention to this and called the woman and told that she would like to win this lottery prize. ) has won. The woman told that she will build a new house with this winning amount.

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