Italy: the health pass becomes compulsory for employees



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The health pass becomes compulsory in Italy from Friday, October 15 for both public and private professions.

In Italian companies, it’s D-Day. The temperature and active sanitary passes are checked. All employees of all companies must be vaccinated against Covid-19 or tested negative within 48 hours, since Friday, October 15. “It will be done systematically, every day and for all those who return here, employees, suppliers, customers“, explains Maurizio Benzoni, international manager at CA.GROUP.

Without a health passport, employees will be suspended without pay. Nationally, 20 of the 23 million active workers are in good standing. And for the bosses, everything must be done to avoid a new confinement. With three million employees affected, and three tests per week, there is a fear of congestion in the laboratories. The truckers and dockers, mobilized opponents, say they can block the country if exceptions are not granted.

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