“It was really bad timing”: the difficulties of a young Aveyron company born just before the health crisis

In 2019, by launching their brand of cosmetic products made from donkey milk in Aveyron, Eva Catusse and Romain Brunet did not think that the adventure was going to take this turn. As with hundreds of other young companies, the coronavirus crisis has turned everything upside down, and they are fighting today not to close.

Evaness is the brand created by the two young 23-year-old entrepreneurs. The project begins in 2019 but is truly launching a year later, time to research and develop products. Except that in March 2020, at the time of truly launching the brand and the store, the first confinement is established everywhere in France to curb the Covid-19 epidemic. We found ourselves a little helpless, in particular because we had not had any help from theEstate “, explains Romain Brunet.

AT At that time, without an open shop, without exhibitions and without markets, the two partners could not promote the brand. “It was really bad timing on all points” sorry Eva Catusse. A year later, after two lockdowns and many questions, the company finds itself in a very complicated economic situation. Missing 10 000 euros in the boxes of Evaness to arrive at the equilibrium.

To avoid the closure, the two young Aveyronnais decided to launch an appeal to customers. “We explained the situation to them, which is not necessarily obvious to display publicly. We told them we were in trouble, that we needed a hand ” tells Eva Catusse. With this local support, they hope to return to a stable economic situation at the end of March.

Their cry for help has been heard, and more customers are in Evaness’ store located in Rodez. “A local, quality product interests me. And if at the same time it supports someone, that’s perfect” explains a resident who came for the first time. Despite everything, the future of the brand is not assured, and a closure of the company is always possible. Roman Brunet remains hopeful but is well aware of it: “If we don’t make it, we’ll have to do something.”

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