It marks us. “I have strong backs to handle the crisis”: Jocelyn Olive, General Manager of Buffalo Grill

A Buffalo Grill restaurant in Nantes. (GAMMA-RAPHO)

The Buffalo Grill restaurant chain has 350 brands in France, plus a dozen abroad (Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg). It serves more than 30 million meals each year. About a hundred Buffalo Grill are franchisees. Buffalo Grill is owned by the British TDR fund.

The history of Buffalo Grill begins in 1980, when Christian Picart opened a first Buffalo Grill in Avrainville, in Essonne, on the edge of the Nationale 20.. “It was a stroke of entrepreneurial genius, he was returning from the United States and he said to himself that in France, on these major highways, we could create a new form of catering, while in the 1980s restaurants were more in demand. downtown. He offers democratic popular and family cuisine, the first evening he thought he was going to seat 40, he makes 600, says Jocelyn Olive, General Manager of Buffalo Grill. The theme of the Far West is a bit Eurodisney, we come to eat a steak at an unbeatable price and at the same time there is this exotic side …

Initially, 90 restaurants out of 350 were affected by the curfew decreed by the government on October 17.I’m pretty worried, explains Jocelyn Olive, we have evening services which are very difficult and we have to find solutions. A big house like Buffalo can afford it. We did several things, first open our restaurants earlier, we can come and have dinner at our place from 5.30 p.m. or 6 p.m. and it works!

Customers have changed their consumption habits. The second thing that is spectacular is the success of the take out sale. We are witnessing a reinvention of the restaurant model thanks to home delivery.

Jocelyn Olive, General Manager of Buffalo Grill

“We carried out customer studies, for 82% of French people, quality rhymes with origin. We therefore switched from European supply to 100% French supply.”

Do not talk about the year 2002 to Jocelyn Olive, when company executives were indicted for trafficking rotten meat … It’s in the past, it was so long ago; today, in each of the restaurants, you will find pieces of beef of an irreproachable quality and this piece of beef has been blue-white-red for a week. ”

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