It marks us. Didier Bollé, CEO of Terraillon: “The year 2020 will have been exceptional”

The company is developing connected personal scales. (TERRAILLON)

A company specializing in kitchen scales and bathroom scales, Terraillon is now developing in connected objects, particularly in the field of well-being and sleep. She counts 100 employees, half of them in France, and it is present in 80 countries, where the company achieves 50 million euros in turnover.

It was in 1908 that Lucien Terraillon, a watchmaker in the Jura, decided to buy a small factory which he would quickly develop by manufacturing weighing utensils. His descendants will develop the first scale reserved for the kitchen, thus making obsolete the weights, used until then.

But it was in the 1960s that the company experienced its golden age. With the Thirty Glorious Years and the fashion for “household arts”, the French are equipping themselves en masse. Terraillon also has the good idea to call on great designers like Roger Tallon or Marco Zanusso, who will design two objects that have become iconic: the BA 2000 scale, so representative that it is exhibited at MOMA in New York, and the weighing scale. person covered with carpet, in order to be softer at the tip of the toes …

Terraillon believes in its growth, the company goes into debt to open an ultramodern factory in Annemasse in Haute-Savoie, which will accommodate 700 employees. But it underestimated the economic consequences of the first oil shock in 1973, and above all it has to face new competition from electronic bathroom scales made in Asia. In 1981, the company filed for bankruptcy. It will then be bought back for a symbolic franc by a young and hot businessman: Bernard Tapie, who intends to give weight back to Terraillon.

The business will not be successful. In 1995, Terraillon was sold by Tapie, then it changed hands several times before falling into the hands of a Hong Kong family group: Fouk Tin Technologies.

Today, the head office of Terraillon remains in France, in Yvelines in Croissy-sur-Seine, as well as all the “back office” functions, but all production is in China.

Today, 85% of turnover is achieved by the bathroom scales, kitchen scales. But the Terraillon company, for the past ten years, has developed in the world of connected health and well-being, and in particular in the world of sleep.

Didier Bollé is finally a little embarrassed to explain that the year 2020, marked by the health crisis, will have been an exceptional year for his company:

“We were incredibly lucky, during the first confinement, people were at home and cooked, so they also equipped themselves with utensils … And then the French took on average almost 3 kilos, and Summer is approaching, consumers have flocked to the bathroom scales… So the year for Terraillon saw double-digit growth… ”

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