It marks us. Baranne: “Vintage fashion gets us back in touch”

Baranne since 1913. (MAISON BARANNE)

Baranne is the French leader in shoe polish, far ahead of the world number 1 Kiwi. A small company of 46 employees which achieves 10 million annual turnover.

It all started in 1909 when Roger Baranne, an enterprising young man, started making furniture. In 1913, he also developed an encaustic; For him, it is about selling his customers a product to maintain his leather furniture. The First World War arrives, Roger Baranne abandons the furniture but retains its encaustic.

In 1921, he developed a shoe care cream, “Vernior Baranne”. With the development of the automobile, he also launched “Cap auto”, a maintenance product for convertible tops. The automobile which will also cause his loss, since he died in an accident in 1926. It is his widow who will take over the business and develop it. The company is leaving rue de Vaugirard in Paris to set up a new factory in Epernay.

It was advertising in the 1960s that enabled Baranne to become the French leader. At the time, the iconic product was the metal tube and the famous advertisements invited consumers to “Barannize” leathers.

In 1983, the brand was bought by the British group Rekkit, which developed a revolutionary product: the applicator with foam tip. This will develop the company but the quality will drop and little by little Rekkit will turn away from the brand and Baranne will enter a slow decline.

In 2014, Swania bought Barnane. “Our conviction was to develop quality products, and to do this, we repatriated a good part of the production. Today 70% of our products are made in France.”

There is another invention but one that did not make Baranne’s fortune: basketball. In the 80s, young people will abandon traditional shoes for sports shoes which will become fashion accessories. Goodbye shoe polish!

“It was a small disaster, it’s true “, acknowledges Daniel Chassagnon, but shoes are a fashion accessory. According to a study commissioned by Baranne, 55% of French people judge people by their shoes. So, even if they are sneakers, they must be worn. to maintain and it is for this reason that we have developed a basketball range. But we are also seeing a strong trend emerging in the development of “second hand”, anti-waste, sustainable products and here, Baranne is fully committed in this trend.

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