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“It makes me sad to teach masked 7-year-olds”

” I am not a doctor. But I note that previously we were told that children were not contagious, but now, we are told a little the opposite. It is sometimes difficult to follow …

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If children transmit the disease, why not change the protocol according to which a pupil with positive peer contact does not have to be tested? Why do not we apply a duplication of class, with the help of extracurricular for times when the students are not in class, which would allow us to respect social distancing?

Masked emotions

That said, if it is necessary for the sake of the children, we will enforce the wearing of the mask. As always, we will show good will. It makes me sad to have to teach masked 7-year-olds. I will no longer see their faces, nor their smile. I will no longer necessarily detect when a student is not doing well or wants to cry.

With the mask, they will no longer be able to read the emotions on the faces of their comrades. Relatively, this can make things difficult. As a teacher, I already wear the mask in class, and although I am very expressive, I have seen that wearing it does not facilitate communication.

There is also a concern of teachers, especially in CP but also in CE1, regarding phonology. When we work on sounds, we have to detect if a student pronounces them well, if he places his tongue well. Wearing a mask complicates this.

Lack of time to organize the protocol

We have the impression that we are constantly being put in delicate conditions. Jean Castex announced Thursday, October 29 in the morning the wearing of the compulsory mask for over 6 years and Jean-Michel Blanquer specified the health protocol in the evening. We are always a little alarmed at the short time in which we have to set things up. My director is going to spend her weekend there to be ready for the start of the school year, Monday, November 2.

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The deadline also leaves little time for families to organize themselves. The protocol requires them to buy the masks. Which, in my opinion, will pose a problem for the most disadvantaged families. Are we going to distribute to them the masks that were provided by the national education system and which are said to be toxic? “


A slightly reinforced protocol

The new protocol aims to accommodate, except when a class is closed, all face-to-face students. School catering and extracurricular activities are maintained. The main innovation consists in requiring the wearing of the mask from the first grade.

Schools, colleges and high schools will have to limit the mixing of students with arrivals and departures spread over time, “Travel limited to the maximum” and recreations “By groups”, according to the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer, who added that the ventilation of the classes and the disinfection of the equipment will be reinforced. In the second degree, “Only one room will be allocated to each class as far as possible”.


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