“It is a unique crisis of its kind in history”, believes François Roche

Emmanuel Macron has extended partial unemployment in certain professions, yet for many, the end of the month may be difficult. The daily life of many French people in the end. “What we can say is that it is a crisis that is unique in its kind in history for the last hundred years. There is no equivalent to the crisis we are currently experiencing. There is had political, economic, financial, world wars, but an economic crisis linked to a health crisis is an experience which is new, cruel in a number of sectors. The scale of this crisis has been compared to that of the years 1920. Today, however, we have answers (…) States have provided answers, which they had not done in the past “.

In his book, François Roche describes that employers have always been able to respond. Today, we hear it little. “The constant of the trade union organizations is to have always negotiated. At a certain point, a certain number of bosses, in 1926 and more recently in 1981, pleaded for the rupture (…) Each time, leaders of the movement bosses said ‘We cannot practice the empty chair policy’, we must find arguments to answer “, recalls François Roche. For him, today, the situation is different and the State intervened “heavily in the renovation of the French social contract.”

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