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Israeli PM received death threats, miscreants also sent 1 live bullet, investigation started

Threat to Israel Prime Minister: Some people have broken into Israel, famous for its strong security system. In fact, the case of receiving threats to kill Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has come to the fore. The miscreants not only threatened the Prime Minister by sending a letter, but also sent a live bullet. There has been a stir in Israel since the matter came to light.

Different agencies started investigation

Israeli police said on Tuesday that they have started an investigation into the threats to kill the prime minister. Police said a letter threatening to kill Naftali Bennett and his family was sent along with a live cartridge. Special Crime Department and internal security agency Shin Bet have started investigation in this case. Soon this matter will be revealed and the culprits will be caught. At the same time, after this incident, the Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement that the security of Bennett and his family has now been increased after this letter.

PM also reacted

At the same time, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has also given his reaction after this incident. He wrote on Twitter that, no matter how deep the political struggle, no one needs to come up to the threats of violence, forgery and death. Of course I am a Prime Minister and a politician, but at the same time I am also a husband and a father. As a husband and father, it is my duty to protect my wife and children.

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