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Israel will give its ‘defense shield’ to the UAE, this defense system eliminates missiles in the air

Iron Dome: Israel is preparing to give its special and hi-tech defense shield Iron Dome to the UAE. If this happens, then the UAE will be the first Arab country to have this system.

According to media reports, in a report of ‘Times of Israel’ it has been said that talks are going on between Israel and the UAE government since last month regarding the Iron Dome deal. It is being told that it has been agreed to give the Iron Dome to the UAE. At present, Abu Dhabi has South Korea’s missile defense system, but it is not as effective as the Iron Dome.

The President of Israel was on a visit to the UAE on Sunday. Meanwhile, a rocket fired at Abu Dhabi by Yemen’s Houthi rebels was shot down by a missile interceptor from the UAE. This was the third rocket attack on Abu Dhabi in a month.

After this attack, when Israeli officials were asked by UAE journalists whether Israel could give its Iron Dome defense system to the UAE, the officers answered ‘yes’ to the Houthi rebels that have the support of Iran. Israel and UAE’s enmity with Iran is well known.

what is iron dome system,
Israel launched it a decade ago. This mobile missile interceptor system is designed to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells.

The Iron Dome system not only identifies the rocket, but also informs the local people about taking them to safer places through sirens. After this, anticipating the loss, the Iron Dome operators launch counter missiles and destroy the rocket in the air.

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