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Israel targets Hamas tunnel network, bombing 40 targets in 25 minutes

Gaza City: Israeli airstrikes killed at least six people in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday morning and destroyed a large house of a family with more than three dozen members. The army said it targeted militant targets in the south amid frequent rocket attacks from the Hamas-ruled region.

The house of the 40-member Al-Astal family was destroyed in the attack. Residents said the missile was fired at the building in the southern city of Khan Younus five minutes before the airstrike, causing every member of the family to flee.

Targeting the tunnel network

The Israeli army said that it targeted the tunnel network of militants in Khan Yunus and Rafah, and in 25 minutes, 52 planes bombed 40 targets. Gaza’s health minister said one woman was killed and eight people were injured in the attacks.

Al-Aqsa Radio of Hamas reported that one of its correspondents was killed in an airstrike in Gaza City. Doctors at Shifa Hospital said that the body of the reporter was among the five bodies brought on Wednesday morning. Two of these deaths occurred due to the warning missile hitting their apartment.

These attacks have taken place when diplomatic efforts for ceasefire have intensified. Palestinian Territory Gaza is ruled by the Islamic militant group Hamas, where the structure has already weakened significantly due to the siege for the last 14 years.

US officials said the Biden administration is privately urging Israel to stop bombing Gaza. Egyptian negotiators are also working to stop the fighting but have not achieved much progress.

Hope to restore peace

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel hoped that peace would be restored soon but he also did not rule out the possibility of further intensification of the attack. He told the foreign ambassadors, ‘You can either win them or stop them. We are currently trying to stop them but I have to say that we cannot deny anything. ‘

Meanwhile, army officials said that eight members of a Palestinian family were killed in a mysterious explosion on the first day of the fighting. He said that the incident happened due to the wrong fire of the rocket fired from Gaza. Army spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Konaricus said, “This was not an Israeli attack.”

The fight between the two sides began when Hamas fired long-range rockets toward Jerusalem in support of Palestinian protesters against the harsh crackdown through Israeli police on May 10 in the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex.

Many lives were killed

According to Gaza’s Health Ministry, at least 219 Palestinian civilians have been killed in air strikes, including 63 children and 36 women. 1530 people have been injured in the attack. Hamas and Islamic Jihad say that 20 of their fighters have been killed, while Israel says the number is at least 130.

12 Israelis have died in rocket attacks, including a five-year-old boy. The Israeli military said that it was carrying out airstrikes on Hamas militants’ targets, while Palestinian militants fired more than 3700 rockets on Israel. Israel said its air defense system destroyed 90 percent of the rockets.

The supply of medicines, fuel and water to the 2 million population of Gaza is getting reduced and since Hamas took power there in 2007, Israel and Egypt have blocked the area. About 47,000 Palestinian citizens have left their homes and fled.

The World Health Organization reported that at least 18 hospitals and clinics have been damaged in the Israeli attack and more than half of essential medicines have been lost. The Gaza Health Ministry said that after the Israeli airstrikes, it has saved vaccines of the Corona virus and transferred it to another clinic. The only testing facility in the area was damaged in the attack.


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