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Israel is at the forefront of delivering the dose of Kovid-19 vaccine

London: Israel is emerging as a world leader in the war with Coronavirus. Israel leads the world in terms of per capita dose of Kovid-19 vaccine. Israel has ensured vaccination for more than 1 million people out of its 9 million population, which is a per capita rate of more than 10 percent in the country.

According to data from the ‘Our World in Data’ website affiliated with Oxford University, Israel leads the race with a vaccination dose rate of 11.55 per 100 people.

According to a BBC report released on Saturday, Israel started vaccination on 19 December. More than 10 lakh people in the country have been given the first dose out of two doses of vaccine so far.

After Israel, this country is ahead

After Israel, the per capita vaccination rate is 3.49 per cent in Bahrain, 1.47 in the UK and 0.84 per cent in the US. Data has shown that 99.5 million people globally have received the dose of Kovid-19 vaccine.

China has given Kovid-19 vaccine dose to 4.5 million people, while the US has given dose to 27.9 lakh people, which is less than one percent of the country’s population. More than 18 lakh people have lost their lives due to the epidemic globally.

DCGI can make important announcements on Corona vaccine at 11 am, country can get good news
Today the country can get very good news on the vaccine. Today, two vaccines can be allowed to be used in India. CDSCO recommends COVAXIN and Covishield. Now DCGI has to decide on this. DCGI can make an important announcement regarding this in its press conference at 11 am.

Today, DCGI may announce dates at 11 am on the use of Corona vaccine in India


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