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Israel: Clashes between protesters and police demanding Netanyahu’s resignation over allegations of corruption

Demonstrators have been forcibly removed from outside Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s house. During this time there was a clash between the police and the protestors. However, it is not yet known whether anyone has been arrested or not.

Protesters are unhappy with Netanyahu’s work

Let us know that for the last five months, the protesters have been holding weekly demonstrations demanding the resignation of Netanyahu. Demonstrators are calling Netanyahu a prime minister who has failed to tackle corruption and Corona. Significantly, the Corona virus crisis has derailed Israel’s economy completely, and many protesting students and youth have lost their jobs. Because of this, these protestors are dissatisfied with the present government and are making a protest.

Small demonstrations took place in many places

Israeli protesters or black or pink flags are seen in the hands of many protesters, they are taken as symbols by the ground movements behind the demonstrations. At the same time, small demonstrations were held in Tel Aviv outside the vacation home of Netanyahu in the seaside town of Kesariya and in many places across the country. However, Netanyahu dismissed the protesters as “anarchists” and “leftists”.

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