Isolate more than 600 people in areas with diphtheria

Gia LaiAuthorities set up 6 posts, isolated 90 households from more than 600 people in Cho Rang I village, Mang Yang district, after a 9th grade student died of diphtheria.

“Students in the village are temporarily absent from school to ensure safety,” said Dinh Ha Nam, deputy director of the Gia Lai Department of Health, on October 2.

Diphtheria control post in Hai Yang commune, Dak Doa district, Gia Lai in July. Tran Hoa.

Last week, a 9th grade student at Dak Ta Ley Primary and Secondary School had a cough, fever, was treated at Mang Yang District Medical Center, then transferred to Gia Lai Children’s Hospital, diagnosed with diphtheria. Late on September 25, the patient died.

Two days ago, Chu Pah district appeared a new case of diphtheria in Kte village, Ia Phi commune. Since the beginning of the year, this locality has recorded 41 cases of diphtheria, of which two people died.

Diphtheria outbreak broke out in Dak Nong in June, then spread to 5 provinces in the Central Highlands with 173 cases. So far, Dak Nong recorded 39 cases positive for diphtheria, of which two died; Kon Tum 50 cases, including one death; Lam Dong has two shifts; Dak Lak 41 ca. These four localities have basically controlled the diphtheria epidemic.

Tran Hoa


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