Isabelle Nanty: for the better and for a laugh

Of Miss, the comedy by Ruben Alves, with Tuche whose return to theaters in December is expected, the actress reigns over French comedy with a mixture of daring and emotion that appeals to all generations.

Isabelle Nanty will star in Ruben Alves' next film: Miss.
Isabelle Nanty will star in Ruben Alves’ next film: Miss. Patrick Swirc / modds

Everyone loves Isabelle Nanty! Whether she stands up to the cantankerous Aunt Danielle at Chatiliez, lack of network against Clavier and Depardieu transformed into Asterix and Obelix, or embodies a certain idea of ​​France in the tailors of Cathy Tuche, the actress appeals to film lovers as much who have followed her for thirty years as teenagers in search of entertainment. Better still: it brings them together.

This is why he is happy to fall back on his blue marbles in Miss , the film by Ruben Alves. With her natural energy and her inimitable banter, the queen of comedy embodies a protective and authoritarian mamma who observes with an attentive eye the Miss France adventure in which her tenant has embarked on hiding his boyish identity. “Without reading the screenplay, I said yes to Ruben because I liked his idea of ​​following a man who defies codes: whatever their affiliations, everyone should be able to feel free to pursue their dreams.. My role didn’t matter much to me: I usually put on

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