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Is Trump still in talks with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un?

Donald Trump in Contact With Kim Jong: Good relations between former US President Donald Trump and the dictator of North Korea are still intact. Former US President Donald Trump has told allies that he has been in touch with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un since leaving the White House. American newspaper New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman has quoted Trump as saying that as far as he knows, there is stability in the relationship between Trump and Kim Jong Un. Haberman has made this disclosure in his book ‘The Confidence Man’ written on former President Donald Trump.

Trump is still in touch with Kim Jong Un!

International tensions have increased significantly after North Korea’s continuous missile tests. At present, America is very angry with the antics of North Korea. Meanwhile, Trump’s friendship with North Korea forces people to think. Donald Trump had told in the year 2018 that he and Kim Jong Un fell in love after exchanging letters. Although there were meetings between the two, there was a failure to stop the North Korean dictator’s missile tests and tough rhetoric.

How much truth is in Trump’s claims?

According to media reports, Haberman has said that Donald Trump’s claims cannot be confirmed and cannot be true. There is a difference between what they say and what is actually happening. But Trump is telling people that he has contact with Kim Jong Un and talks keep happening. According to media reports, Trump has said that Kim Jong is the only foreign leader with whom he is in contact. Let us tell you that in media reports, correspondence with Kim Jong Un was included in the 15 boxes of the President that the National Archives recovered from Trump’s Florida residence last month. However, there has been no response from Trump or any of his representatives on this.

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