Is the iPad water resistant like the iPhone?

Sure, you’ve heard a lot about the iPhone’s water resistance, but what about the iPad?

Unlike the iPhone, the iPad is not waterproof. iPad Pro 2021, 11-inch, and 12.9-inch models all don’t have any kind of waterproof (IP) rating, so it’s best to keep your iPad away from any kind of liquid.

If your iPad accidentally falls into water, your device will likely be damaged unless it is dried quickly. What you need to do is power off iPad immediately, dry the outside as much as possible. If water does seep inside, you will need to take it to a shop to disassemble the unit and dry from the inside before corrosion damage occurs.

Unlike iPhone, iPad is not waterproof

In fact, the iPhone’s water resistance is not “divine” as advertised. Some iPhones are water resistant but they can only stay underwater for a certain amount of time, if it’s too long then damage will occur.

For example, Apple advertises the iPhone 13 Pro series with the highest waterproof rating – IP68, which means it can be waterproof up to 30 minutes at a depth of 6 meters and can be taken for a swim, but perhaps you Still should be careful.

Since the IP rating is tested in non-moving water, moving the phone while swimming adds water pressure making it more likely that water can still seep inside and damage the phone.

Plus, IP tests use purified water. Most pools will have added chemicals like chlorine, which can affect water repellency. In particular, sea water with a high salt content is also at risk of causing metal corrosion inside the charging port.

Water is the biggest enemy of any microchip, which means that if water gets into a smartphone, the chances of it surviving are pretty low. Apple or any other brand usually refuses to cover your warranty if your phone is damaged by water.

Therefore, even if your device has the highest water resistance rating – IP68, you should still consider this feature only as a backup in case of unexpected events like accidental spillage of drinks. Go upstairs or in an emergency, you have to answer the phone in heavy rain. If you want to use electronic devices underwater for a long time due to the nature of work, you should consider using specialized waterproof cases or bags.

Huong Dung (According to How-to Geek, Cnet)


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