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Is the birth of twins actually happening more now than before? Know the results of research

According to a research published on Friday, more twins are being born than 1 in 1, and the global rate of twin births has increased by a third since 1980. The report has been revealed in the scientific journal Human Reproduction. In vitro fertilization or IVF technique is more used behind the high birth rate of twins. Apart from this, people have to start a late family. Researchers say that now 1.6 million twins are being born every year.

More twins born in the world than before

By 1980, twins were born per 9 thousand children, now this rate has increased to 12 per thousand. Christian Monden and his colleagues from Oxford University gathered data from 165 countries from 1980 to 2015 and concluded. Due to medical technology, the survival rate of twins is also higher now than before.

Monden said that this rate is more than 50 years and is likely to remain the highest. It has been reported in the report that most of the increase has been in non identical twins, who are born with different sperm and egg. The growth of assisted reproductive technology in the developed countries since 1970 contributed to many birth weights as women became mothers at an older age.

It was also responsible for the high use of contraception, the decision to start a late family of women and low fertility. In addition, the biggest factor behind the rise of twins in high and middle-income countries is probably women’s hormone therapy, with two eggs released at once. In this way, two, three and four Eggs are entered deliberately in the IVF process to increase the number of pregnancy. Due to this many times two, three children are also born simultaneously.

Unknown cause of twin birth increase in Africa

Even in Africa, the birth rate of twins has increased naturally without any technology, but the reason for this has not yet been known. Researchers suggest that in low- and middle-income countries, more attention needs to be paid to saving the lives of twins. It is feared that the twins will lose their co-twins in the first year of birth, especially in the continent of Africa.

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