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Is North Korea ready for a nuclear test? Kim Jong Un said this big thing

Kim Jong Un on Nuclear Weapons: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is intent on promoting those nuclear weapons race. There are indications that North Korea may conduct nuclear tests soon. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has said that his country is preparing for its nuclear war. Kim Jong Un has again warned America. He said that his country is ready for any military conflict with America.

Kim Jong Un also denounced South Korea’s Yoon Suk-yeol administration, saying any attempt to disable North Korea would be met with a strong reaction and destruction.

Kim Jong Un warns America

Dictator Kim Jong Un made it clear that North Korea is fully prepared for any military confrontation with America. Kim Jong Un made the remarks during a speech at an event marking the 69th anniversary of the Korean ceasefire on July 27, according to the official KCNA news agency. Kim also criticized South Korea’s administration, saying any attempt to act against North Korea would be met with a strong response and could have dire consequences.

Will North Korea conduct nuclear tests soon?

North Korea has tested several more missiles, including hypersonic missiles, in recent months. It is being said that they can carry strategic nuclear weapons. Let us tell you that South Korean President Eun Suk-yol had expressed the fear that North Korea could conduct a nuclear test anytime and preparations have been completed for it.

America has also warned

More recently, North Korea was provoked by joint military exercises between America and South Korea. North Korea warned that it would face unexpected challenges if its hostile attitude, including joint military exercises, was not stopped. Significantly, after the news of North Korea’s nuclear test, the US had also warned that if North Korea conducted a nuclear test, it would be given a befitting reply.

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