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Is Kim intimidating the superpowers by further promoting the manufacture of modern weapons?

North Korea Missile Test: North Korea is constantly engaged in conducting missile tests. Missile test has been done for the sixth time this month, which has now been confirmed by North Korea. Dictator Kim Jong Un has also visited factories related to war materials in the country and confirmed North Korea’s latest weapons tests. This month alone, North Korea has tested Tactical Guided Missiles, two hypersonic missiles.

North Korea confirms latest weapons tests

North Korea’s state media KCNA said on Friday that North Korea this week tested a warhead of an advanced long-range cruise missile and a tactical guided missile. It is being told that dictator Kim Jong Un visited a factory manufacturing a major weapon system. Tensions are rising after North Korea’s 6 consecutive tests of weapons in 2022. After such a number of missile launches in a month, many countries of the world have condemned it.

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Kim inspects warships factory

According to media reports, Kim Jong did not participate in the tests, but during a visit to the warships factory, he praised the progress in the production of large and modern weapons to implement the decisions of the ruling Workers’ Party. Kim has said that the factory has a very important place in modernizing the country’s armed forces and realizing the national defense development strategy. KCNA did not specify the weapons or the location of the factory. Kim has called for strengthening national security to deal with the international situation.

Pressure strategy on Biden administration!

Experts say North Korea’s unusual spurt in testing activity is to pressure the Biden administration over long-stalled talks aimed at easing US-led sanctions against nuclear disarmament programs. The Biden administration has offered open talks but has shown no willingness to ease sanctions until Kim Jong Un takes concrete steps to give up nuclear weapons and missiles.

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