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Is corona virus made in lab? 18 big scientists of the world raised demand for investigation

What is the reason behind the outbreak of Corona virus, it is still not clear and there is not enough evidence yet to finally say that it happened naturally or because of lab leaks. A group of leading scientists has demanded that the issue be taken seriously. He has stated the need for rigorous data-based investigation to prove it wrong. He says that the incident of accidental outbreak of corona virus from the laboratory cannot be ruled out. Scientists are not confident of the World Health Organization giving a clean chit to China.

Corona virus origin needs further investigation

18 Scientists say that more investigation still needs to be done so that the origin of the epidemic can be determined. Significantly, the Novel Corona virus was exposed in China at the end of 2019. It has taken away the lives of millions of people and made millions of people sick. Also, it has severely affected the world economy.

The authors of the letter said that the World Health Organization has raised doubts over the investigation in relation to the origin of the virus. In its final report written jointly with Chinese scientists, the World Health Organization team has said that the transmission of the virus may have been transmitted from bats to humans through other animals, and as a reason it is ‘highly unlikely’ that Spread from the lab.

Team of 18 leading scientists demand to write letter & nbsp;

WHO’s Food Safety and Zoologist Peter Ben Ambarek had said that there is no possibility of the corona virus spreading from China’s laboratory. Various ideas about the origin, including those who believed in the conspiracy behind the Corona virus, were revealed. Let us tell you that the team spent four weeks in Wuhan in January and February. & Nbsp; Scientists said that both the lab and the natural hypothesis should be taken seriously till we have enough data available. He demanded that there needs to be an intellectually rigorous and impartial investigation. The team of 18 leading scientists also includes Ravindra Gupta, a clinical microbiologist at Cambridge University.

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