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Is China making soldiers super human by doing genetic work, can be a threat to India? Learn

China wants to make its soldier super human. In this direction, together with BGI company, this country is doing research on soldiers to change genes.  For this, it is secretly studying the genetic data of more than 8 million pregnant women from 52 countries. The US administration has expressed concern over this report in the media. UK-based news agency Reuters reported on 7 July that the BGI Group has published a study on the relationship between genes and drugs to protect Han soldiers stationed in high-altitude areas from brain surgery. Advisors to the Biden administration warned in March that Chinese company BGI Group was studying women’s genomic data with artificial intelligence. China can get economic and military benefits from this.

The world is threatened if the army is strong
China’s  biological experiment is used on Chinese soldiers. being done. Especially on those soldiers who are posted on the Indian border. Based on DNA data analysis, the Chinese Army and BGI Group are modifying the genes of soldiers. This change is being done so that they can be protected from serious diseases. If this experiment is successful, then Chinese soldiers will not have to face diseases like sickness and hearing loss on high-altitude fronts. If this happens, then it is an alarm bell not only for India but for the whole world. Because when its army becomes super human, it will be difficult for anyone to control it. 

China stole the data of 8 million pregnant women around the world   
At such a time, the world suspects that the corona virus has spread from China’s laboratory, then China’s Super Human Project is a dangerous step. Through this project, China wants to make its military power invincible. To make superhumans, China is stealing the genetic data of more than 8 million pregnant women from 52 countries and doing research on it. Media reports have claimed that the Chinese Army (PLA) has taken the help of Chinese company BGI in this work. This company is involved in the complete antenatal screening of pregnant women around the world.

Preparing for future changes in physical characteristics 
Nifty (non-nifty) data of pregnant women Invasive Fatal Trisomy) data. It contains information about the woman’s age, weight, height and place of birth. Based on the facts obtained from this, such properties are being detected through Artificial Intelligence, which can be changed in the physical properties of the population to be born in future. 

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