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Iran’s President told Biden- America should correct old mistake and return to Tehran nuclear deal

Tehran: Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has asked the newly elected President of the United States, Joe Biden, to “rectify the mistakes of the past” and return to the US between the world powers again in the Tehran-2015 nuclear deal. This comment by Hasan Rouhani is a major reaction of Iran after the victory of Joe Biden in the US presidential election and Kamala Harris as Vice President.

The official IRNA news agency quoted Rouhani as saying, “Now, the opportunity has come for the next US administration to rectify its past mistakes and return to the path of international agreements to honor international regulations.” ‘

The United States, under the leadership of President Donald Trump, withdrew from Iran’s nuclear deal in 2018. Under the deal, Iran agreed to set uranium enrichment limits in exchange for the removal of economic sanctions. The US withdrew economic sanctions after Iran withdrew from the agreement, causing Iran’s economy to crumble and topple Kovid- The 19 epidemic has put it in a very bad position.

In this regard, Iran gradually started going beyond the boundaries of the nuclear deal in an effort to pressurize Europe to find a way out of the sanctions.

Meanwhile, a record 459 people died due to Corona virus infection in Iran on Sunday. With this, due to Corona virus infection, the number of dead here increased to 38,291. At the same time, 9,236 new cases of infection have been reported in the last 24 hours and so far more than 682,000 people have been infected in the country.

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