iPhone13 is still selling well despite the smartphone market being short of breath

Apple’s iPhone 13 is still selling well after a few months of launch, although the overall smartphone market is not very positive. iPhone 14 is expected to sell better

Amid signs of a cooling smartphone market, two sources in Apple’s supply chain told Reuters that the iPhone 13 was still selling well in July. One said iPhone 13 and 13 Pro shipments during the month. more than a third higher than the same period in 2021. This is unusual because iPhone sales often slow down during the summer, before new iPhones are due to be released.

Customers buy iPhones at an Apple store in New York, USA in March 2022. (Photo: Reuters)

Analysts are also eyeing unusual demand patterns in 2022. In April, JP Morgan analyst Samik Chatterjee noted that the iPhone 13 outsold its predecessors, a trend leading to what he calls what he calls the iPhone 13. “structurally higher market share” with Apple this year.

Apple itself expects the iPhone 14 to outsell the iPhone 13. According to Reuters, the “defective apple” has communicated its expectations to suppliers when conducting trial production of the iPhone 14. Apple’s initial shipment forecast “slightly higher” than the iPhone 13, although not explosive, according to the source.

Experts also agree with Apple on this point. In June, famous analyst Ming Chi Kuo predicted that the iPhone 14 would receive higher demand than the iPhone 13 in China, Apple’s top key market.

The iPhone 14 series is expected to bring many new features and the biggest changes will be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro. The high-end versions are said to be equipped with better cameras, always-on screens, perforated designs that combine capsules instead of rabbit ears.

In the context of inflation showing no signs of slowing down, analysts still believe that it will not too affect Apple’s rich user base even though demand for consumer electronics in general slows until next year. The economic slowdown in China has hit the smartphone market hard, causing global sales to drop to 96 million units in May, according to Counterpoint Research. This is the second time in nearly a decade that monthly sales have fallen below the 100 million device mark.

One of Reuters’ sources said that in addition to Apple, other companies are preparing to be affected.

Du Lam (According to Apple Insider, Reuters)


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