iPhone SE 5G: ‘New star’ of mid-range smartphones

iPhone SE 5G is expected to be the phone that won the attention at Apple’s new product launch event this spring.

After a long period of “hibernation”, Apple’s spring event is expected to take place on March 8, announcing new product lines.

iPhone SE 5G: ‘New star’ of mid-range smartphones

As usual, Apple usually does not reveal anything in advance, but according to rumors from industry experts, there will be three main products to be expected at the event, including iPad Air, a mid-range tablet computer. great has been inexplicably neglected throughout 2021.

In addition, Apple may also launch a new high-end Mac mini with M1 Pro and M1 Max chips.

But the attention of this debut will probably be on iPhone SE 5Git will not have many changes in terms of design but will bring important improvements inside.

There’s a reason people love the iPhone SE and that’s its price. Apple doesn’t seem to want to pay much attention to the SE because revenue is one thing Apple is always aiming for, clearly it wants to focus on selling $1,000 smartphones rather than $400. The media is often attracted to the glitz of higher-end products, which the iPhone SE may not be able to meet, but customers love it.

So maybe the iPhone 14 will bring more upgrades, but the iPhone SE is the product that makes the difference to the masses. In addition to performance improvements, access to the latest version of iOS, this will be the first 5G smartphone that many people will be able to own. Combined with improvements in parts, iPhone SE 2022 will be the “new star” in the mid-range phone line with the adoption of 5G. Especially if the iPhone SE comes in under $400, that’s going to be a big hit.

However, nApple’s cheapest smartphones usually mid-range price but never really cheap, this was demonstrated with the iPhone 5C, many people expected it to be more “affordable” but that didn’t happen.

Even so, Apple claims to be founded with the mission of bringing high-quality products to as many people as possible. Steve Wozniak designed the Apple I with the intention of “giving it away for free,” and the Macintosh also offers a good price point for a large number of buyers, even if it doesn’t quite work that way.

At $699, it’s hard to say whether the iPhone 13 mini is affordable for everyone, as not everyone can afford to upgrade their phones every year. iPhone SE 2022 is expected to be a mid-range smartphone that brings the most practical improvements.

Huong Dung (According to Macworld)

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