iPhone prevents bullets, saves a soldier’s life

The iPhone 11 Pro is known in a viral video on Reddit that shows it stopped the bullet, saving the life of a Ukrainian soldier.

Apple Watch and iPhone have saved many lives with features such as ECG (electrocardiogram), SOS (emergency call), or Fall Detection (fall detection feature),… But the ability to save lives people from a physical device perspective are rare.

Follow PhoneArenaa video that has been circulating on Reddit recently shows that the iPhone 11 Pro is known for its ability to stop a bullet, saving Ukrainian soldiers’ lives.

The iPhone 11 Pro is said to have stopped the bullet, saving a soldier’s life. Image cut from video

The iPhone 11 Pro was pulled out of a soldier’s outer pocket. The bullet hit the center of the back of the device, the bullet did not penetrate but completely destroyed the iPhone.

Vests fitted to soldiers often have protective shields to limit injuries during combat.

It’s not clear if the armor would protect this soldier if the iPhone wasn’t there, since the shield is located on the back of the iPhone 11 Pro.

Of course, there’s no way to verify the events that happened as seen in the video and whether the iPhone actually stopped the bullet.

iPhone 11 Pro launched in 2019 and was one of the best smartphones at the time. It is equipped with Corning tempered glass and stainless steel frame.

Drop tests carried out at the time showed that the phone was quite durable but the fact that it could stop bullets was hardly expected.

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