iPhone is wet, don’t put it in rice, do this now

New generations of iPhones have significantly improved water resistance, but water can still damage internal components if not handled in time.

When your iPhone gets wet, water can easily enter through the speaker slot or the charging port, so putting your iPhone in rice is not necessarily the most effective way because the water needs to be pushed out from the inside, not just sucked in. moisture from the outside.

iPhone is wet, don’t put it in rice, do this now

The good news is that you can do this just with Water Eject on iPhone, this shortcut will create a bass sound to push water out of the speaker from the inside.

To install, first download the Apple Shortcut app on the App Store, then download Water Eject from here.

After clicking Get Shortcut, Water Eject will automatically open on Apple Shortcut, click the Add shortcut button (Add shortcut). Next, go to My Shortcuts at the bottom left. Click on Water Eject, then select Begin Water Eject, at this point the phone will start making a sound to push the water out.

Remember this is only a temporary tip, helping to minimize immediate damage. A phone that has been submerged in water can still stop working for months after the incident because drying water on the components can cause a corrosion process that damages the electronics inside.

So always be careful and make sure that all data on your phone is backed up.

Huong Dung(According to The Sun)

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