iPhone is about to have a periscope camera, 10x zoom

According to analyst Jeff Pu, iPhone 15 will be released in 2023 equipped with a periscope camera, allowing to increase optical zoom up to 10x.

The periscope lenses will reflect light passing through the iPhone’s lens to the camera’s sensor using a reflector. The bending of light will allow Apple to place a larger telephoto lens on the back of the iPhone and preserve the sharpness of the image even at extremely close zoom.

iPhone 15 can use periscope camera, 10x zoom

Ming-Chi Kuo, famous analyst also mentioned this a few weeks ago. He also said that the next iPhone generation will have a 48MP camera instead of the 12MP camera that Apple uses in the current product line.

If this report is correct, then it is expected that the iPhone 15 will take a big step forward in terms of cameras and begin to become a “remarkable” competitor in the smartphone market.

There are already a number of Android smartphones with periscope lenses, including Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra and Huawei’s P40 Pro+. Both devices feature up to 10x optical zoom. But Apple is still expected to lead this market in the coming years. Apple’s latest products are the iPhone 13 models that are currently only capable of 3x optical zoom.

According to many rumors, Apple is expected to launch the next generation of iPhone in September 2022, which is said to have Face ID with a “punched” design screen, eliminating the physical SIM slot. This will be a major change in both design and form since the iPhone X was announced in 2017.

Huong Dung(According to MacRumors)

iPhone continues to be the best-selling smartphone in China

iPhone continues to be the best-selling smartphone in China

Apple’s iPhone continues to be the best-selling smartphone brand in China for the second consecutive month.


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