iPhone folding screen will replace iPad mini?

Since Android manufacturers have continuously introduced foldable phones, Apple certainly won’t fall behind.

Huawei Mate Xs, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, Samsung Galaxy W21 5G, Motorola Razr 5G, Rouyu FlexPai 2 are the latest folding screen phones to come out this year.

Currently, folding screen mobile phones need to solve three major problems, namely the hinge design, flexible screen protector and screen folds. Although no phone manufacturer has been able to fully solve the above problems, with the gradual development of foldable technology, it is safe to believe that the most ideal foldable phone will be seen. in the next few years.

As we all know, smartphones are mainly divided into two camps, Android and iOS. Since Android manufacturers have repeatedly introduced foldable phones, Apple certainly won’t fall behind.

foldable iPhone launch in 2022

According to Israeli media The Verifier, Apple is testing a foldable iPhone, which is expected to launch as early as 2022. The new device will be equipped with a larger screen than the iPhone and equipped with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of memory, and support. mobile data. The starting price is 1,499 USD, equivalent to about 34.7 million VND.

The Verifier Despite the rise of foldable devices in the market, Apple is not eager to enter the competition. The reason for more and more folding screen devices is the gradual maturation of the market and technology. Apple prefers to apply new technologies to their own devices when products have depth, rather than starting a new trend.

According to previous reports, Apple may have purchased a folding screen from Samsung, which is currently in beta. While it is temporarily impossible to confirm what screen technology Apple plans to use on the iPhone Flip (foldable display), it could take three to four years if Micro LED is approved.

Of course, in addition to Micro LED, the foldable iPhone could also use a Mini LED, as Apple intends to use it for the technology transition, but has yet to be confirmed. Considering that foldable phone prices are generally high during this period, Apple may want to enhance competitiveness in the high-end mobile phone market through a lower price tag, so the price is $ 1499 for The foldable iPhone is also reasonable.

In addition, a little while ago, Apple registered a new patent called self-healing displays, a patent that shows when the screen has dents, the material of the self-healing coating can fill. dent through natural heat, light and electric current. And so can speed up the recovery of the monitor. Simply put, these monitors can fix small problems on their own with little damage.

Apple hopes to use this patent to solve the current folding mobile phone screen problem. Of course, patents are often just technical reserves, whether they will be commercialized or not, whether they are in development and how they will be implemented is unknown. Now, however, it seems Apple has found a solution and is hoping that things can go as well as planned.

Will folding iPhone replace iPad mini?

It has been reported that Apple has cut down on the iPad mini lineup while launching folding screen products. In fact, as early as September this year, the international media announced that the iPad mini will no longer be updated in the next two years. At this stage, the product officially sold by Apple is the iPad mini 5, which was released in March last year. This product does not change much in appearance design but is upgraded from the original A8 processor to the A12.

Under normal logic, iPad mini 6 will launch later this year or Q1 next year, but things are not so simple. The reason why Apple is no longer updating this product may be because the sales of the iPad mini 5 are not very good, or Apple is preparing a new product and it will take some time.

The fourth quarter of 2019 global tablet market report published by third-party research organization IDC shows that the global tablet market has fallen 0.6% year-on-year, but Apple is still in its leading position and market share rose 6.4%. The main reason is that in Q3 2019, the 10.2-inch iPad accounted for about 65% of total shipments.

It’s not hard to see that while the iPad mini is so cheap, the market needs a larger tablet. Therefore, due to poor sales of the iPad mini 5, the temporary failure of Apple to update means that Apple can focus more energy on the iPad, iPad Air and iPad Pro.

But to say that the foldable iPhone replaces the iPad mini is a little blunt. The reason is simple, first of all, the two are not the same thing, one is a foldable phone and the other is a tablet. Second, their positioning is different, iPad mini is a popular product, with the advantage of being cheap and easy to accept by consumers, mainly used in large quantities in certain jobs.

The foldable iPhone is an exploratory product that could be the direction of mobile phone development in the future. Moreover, the folding iPhone costs nearly 35 million dong, while the iPad mini 5 costs less than 10 million dong, just looking at the price is that you know the location of both completely different. Therefore, the flip iPhone can hardly replace the iPad mini.

What is certain, however, is that if Apple launches a foldable iPhone, it is actually capable of disrupting an entire industry once again, just like the AirPods and the MacBook Air. At that time, perhaps foldable screen technology has really matured.

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