iPhone 2025 beautiful folding screen attractive, camera changes lenses

Apple’s folding screen iPhone model launched in 2025 is expected to have superior features, in which the camera can change lenses like a camera.

Concept iPhone 2025 is a model Iphone Unique folding screen, the screen has the ability to fold on both sides, fold forward and even fold back.

Follow ConceptsiPhone, the high-end Retina XDR of iPhone 2025 will have a fingerprint sensor hidden under the screen.

Another special feature of This iPhone model is that it only has a single camera on the back. However, the iPhone is designed with interchangeable lens technology, allowing users to change the aperture according to shooting needs.

This folding screen iPhone uses the iSight lens consisting of f/2.8 telephoto lens, f/2.8 macro lens, f/1.8 and portrait lenses f/2.8 . fisheye lens.

Apple is expected to launch the model Folding screen iPhone in the near future to compete with Samsung’s folding screen smartphones.

Hai Phong(Video: ConceptsiPhone)

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max special repair cost hundreds of millions

The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max versions are remade by luxury brand Caviar, with a unique iPhone 2G chip-printed titanium case, pushing the price up super expensive.


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