iPhone 2023 will use Chinese screens

BOE Technology, China’s largest display maker, will supply the majority of OLED screens for Apple’s 2023 iPhones, taking market share from LG Display.

Analyst firm UBI BOE will probably take LG Display’s market share when supplying the majority of OLED panels for the 2023 iPhone.

BOE can supply the majority of OLED panels for iPhone 2023

BOE’s move shows that the company is converting three of its factories into facilities capable of producing OLED panels for Apple.

BOE already produces OLED panels for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 at two factories in China, but only accounts for 10% of all ‌iPhone‌ screens in 2021.

This significant expansion will allow BOE to overtake LG Display as one of the main suppliers of ‌iPhone‌ displays by 2023.

It is estimated that by the fourth quarter of 2022, BOE can produce 144,000 OLED panels per month, up from only 96,000 panels per month at the present time. This will surpass Samsung Display’s current production capacity of 140,000 OLED panels per month.

Taking market share of the larger ‌iPhone‌ display, BOE could pose a threat to LG Display as Apple is its only customer with 6th-generation OLED panels. While both Samsung Display and BOE have many other customers so the competitiveness is better.

LG will face more difficulties because it has closed its smartphone division and stopped making LCD screens for iPhones earlier this year.

For many years now, Samsung has been the main supplier of OLED screens for Apple and BOE is trying to enter. If the analysis of UBI Research is correct, BOE could overtake Samsung Display in the next few years.

Hai Phong (according to Macrumors)

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