iPhone 15 Pro may surprise with new design

iPhone 15 Pro may not have a physical SIM card slot, news has just been revealed from a Brazilian website.

Follow Macrumors, news posted on Blog by Brazil’s iPhone said that the iPhone 15 Pro model expected to be released in 2023 may not have a physical SIM card slot.

iPhone 15 Pro may not have a SIM slot

The “Pro” models of the iPhone 2023 will have two eSIMs instead, ensuring that Dual-SIM functionality remains available.

Meanwhile, recent iPhone models have both physical nano-SIM card slots and digital eSIM.

Dual SIM mode allows users to have 2 network service options on 1 iPhone, which is useful when purchasing data-only plans when traveling abroad or for business and personal use. on a single iPhone.

Removing the SIM card slot could improve the water resistance of the new iPhones even better.

Apple is also rumored to release a portless iPhone in the future, and removing the SIM card slot would be a step towards a truly seamless design.

Because the iPhone 15 Pro models are still 2 years away from being released, this rumor makes many people skeptical and there are no other sources to confirm at this time.

Hai Phong (according to Macrumors)

New revelation about the non-'rabbit ears' screen of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max

New revelation about the non-‘rabbit ears’ screen of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max

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