iPhone 13 is beautiful and glittering, Apple fans are feverish again

The latest video about the iPhone 13 model is making Apple fans feverish. The new iPhone model that is expected to be released next fall is beautiful in every corner.

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 13 in September. Leaked news allege that the iPhone 13 will have a smaller “notch” and a larger main camera.

Recently, the YouTube account Concept Creator shared a video about the 2021 iPhone model. The new iPhone concept is designed based on rumors to give users the best visualization of the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 has a rather large rear camera cluster

According to the concept video, the iPhone 13 has a design that has not changed much compared to its predecessor. The device is finished with a flat metal frame, luxurious double-sided glass.

One change in the design of the iPhone 13 is the more compact “rabbit ears”. This is also what many Apple fans expect.

iPhone 13 is beautiful and glittering, Apple fans are feverish again
iPhone 13 has a screen with “rabbit ears” smaller than iPhone 12 “

However, on the back will not be really smooth when the main camera cluster seems to have an unusual size.

According to leaked news, the camera module on the back of the iPhone 13 is “terrible” due to the larger sensors, the main lens with optical sensor-shift image stabilization, the angle lens. Ultra-wide upgraded.

This makes the rear camera cluster on this iPhone 13 concept look quite raw.

Hopefully Apple can fix this detail on the upcoming actual iPhone 13.

iPhone 13″ slated for release next September. Leaked sources from the supply chain say that Apple will equip ProMotion 120Hz screens for Pro models.

Recently, iPhone users when asked have shown little sympathy for the name iPhone 13. The reason is said to be the number 13 is unlucky. Analysts believe this is an opportunity for Apple to completely remove the numbers from the iPhone product line.

The factories of Foxconn and Pegatron have also begun an aggressive recruitment campaign to prepare for the production of new iPhones. Foxconn said that its iPhone mechanical components division – iPEBG – will offer a maximum bonus of 8,000 yuan (nearly 28.5 million dong) to former workers who want to return to the Zhengzhou line during the peak season.

Hai Nguyen(according to iphonehacks)

The long-dreamed of Apple fans feature will be on the iPhone 14

The long-dreamed of Apple fans feature will be on the iPhone 14

Although it is about 3 months before the iPhone 13 is officially launched, information about iPhone 14 (iPhone 2022) has begun to be revealed, making iFans feverish.


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