iPhone 12 needs to be at least 15cm away from the pacemaker

‘To avoid any potential effects, keep iPhone and charge MagSafe a safe distance away from medical devices, which is more than 6inch / 15cm, or more than 12inch / 30cm if it is charging,’ Apple recommends fox.

When it launched the iPhone 12 last October, Apple noted that the new generation of phones with MagSafe charging models could cause electromagnetic interference to medical devices, including pacemakers and defibrillators. Recently, Apple shared more details on this note.

In its newly updated online help document, Apple explains: “Medical devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators can have sensors that respond to magnets and radio waves on close contact.” .

“To avoid any potential effects, please keep iPhone and charge MagSafe a safe distance from medical devices, that is more than 6inch / 15cm apart, or more than 12inch / 30cm apart if charging”, Apple recommends.

iPhone and MagSafe chargers should be kept a safe distance from medical devices.

Apple also advises users to consult doctors and the manufacturer of the medical device for specific information, and for advice on whether to maintain a safe distance between the medical device and the iPhone. MagSafe charger or not.

Although recommended, Apple still insists that compared to previous iPhone models, iPhone 12 does not increase the risk of magnetic interference for medical devices, though all new iPhone models contain more magnets.

Earlier this month, an article in the Journal of Heart Rate once indicated that the iPhone 12 models are capable of inhibiting life-saving therapies, due to magnetic interference with implanted medical devices.

Three doctors in Michigan (USA) tested this interaction by holding the iPhone 12 near the patient’s implantable defibrillator. As a result, the defibrillator falls into a “hanging” state.

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Maybe Apple doesn't release iPhone 13

Maybe Apple doesn’t release iPhone 13

Most likely, Apple’s next smartphone version will be named iPhone 12S because it wants to avoid number 13, which is considered unlucky.


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