iPhone 12 is easier to fix than iPhone 11

iPhone 12: Ease of disassembly, spare part price is one of the criteria to evaluate the ease of repair of the iPhone and MacBook.

In November 2020, the European Parliament passed the right to repair legislation, requiring certain electronic products to add ease of repair on a 10-point scale.

In January, France was the first European country to include this index in electronic devices including smartphones and laptops. Apple has complied with regulations by adding easy-to-repair scores to iPhones and MacBooks on the French market’s website.

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Evaluate the ease of repair for the iPhone added in accordance with the French regulations. Photo: 9to5mac.

Based on Apple’s score, the entire line iPhone 12 6/10 points are easy to repair, while iPhone 11 is harder to fix with 4.6 points. iPhone SE 2020 is the easiest model to repair in the iPhone 2020 line with 6.2 points.

Grading criteria include documentation of repairs, ease of disassembly, number and price of components available, the ability to update software, remote technical support, and software reinstallation. . Follow GSMArenaNew iPhones often score high because of their ease of disassembly and cheaper replacement parts and quantity.

iPhone XR, the only 2018 smartphone sold on Apple’s website, gets 4.5 out of 10 points. Some other products such as iPhone X achieved 4.8 points, iPhone 8 achieved 6.6 points and iPhone 7 reached 6.7 points.

With the MacBook line, the 13-inch MacBook Air version with the M1 processor has an easy-to-repair score of 6.5 / 10, the MacBook Pro M1 has 5.6 points and the 16-inch MacBook Pro reaches 6.3 points.

Although required by the French government, there are currently only a few types of equipment that need to provide easy-to-repair points such as smartphones, laptops, TVs, washing machines and lawn mowers. From 2022, devices with poor repair scores will be penalized.

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