iPhone 11 discounted 4-5 million, Galaxy Note20 also lowered the selling price

11/23/2020 09:59 GMT + 7

The most senior representatives of the two firms Samsung and Apple both discount 2-5 million dong.

The upcoming iPhone 12 caused the iPhone 11 to have mass discounts. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 also dropped in price in the context of rival Apple lowering the price.

Galaxy Note20 is being discounted from 2-5 million VND, applied until 27/11 – exactly on the day iPhone 12 officially sold in Vietnam.

Galaxy Note20 series models. (Photo: Hai Dang)

Accordingly, Galaxy Note20 Ultra is only 24.99 million dong, down 2 million dong from a few days ago, and 5 million dong lower than the listed price when launched 3 months ago.

Similarly, Galaxy Note20 has 18.99 million dong, Note20 Ultra 5G is priced at 27.99 million dong – all 5 million dong lower than the opening of sale in August.

However, this is not the best price for Note20 buyers. At the beginning of last month, the retailer reduced each Note20 by 2 million VND, plus a coupon of 5 million VND from the Galaxy Gifts application, customers were awarded. a total reduction of 7 million each machine. Currently, the voucher program has expired.

When a line of smartphones is coming out, the predecessor generation was forced to cut prices. So iPhone 11 devices are being reduced by about 2 million VND each, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max alone, depending on internal memory, can be reduced up to 4-5 million VND. Some other iPhones also fell slightly.

iPhone 11 Pro Max in Vietnam. (Photo: NH)

Specifically, iPhone 11 Pro Max all 64GB and 256GB versions decreased by 2 million VND, also 27.99 million and 31.99 million respectively. Only 512GB version reduced to 4 million VND, to 35.99 million. Discount program until the end of November.

iPhone 11 Pro also reduced the price by 3 million VND per model, to 23.99 million VND, 27.99 million VND for the two versions 128GB and 256GB. Only 512GB internal memory reduced to 5 million, to 31.99 million.

The iPhone 11 is priced at 17.99 million (64GB), 19.99 million (128GB), 21.99 million (256GB) – down 2 million dong each version.

Along with the iPhone 11 series, other devices such as iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 also offer discounts of several hundred thousand per model.

The move to reduce the selling price of retailers to push inventory when the iPhone 12 is about to go on sale on November 27. In addition, some information says that Apple may stop producing iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, causing the price of the device to also be affected.


Genuine iPhone 12 discount before opening for sale

Genuine iPhone 12 discount before opening for sale

All models iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max are reduced by 2 million VND compared to the listed price, and further discounts at some retailers.


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