iOS 16 Beta 3 unexpectedly brings a nostalgic detail about the first generation iPhone

An interesting detail was added by Apple to recall the first iPhone as well as pay tribute to the legendary Steve Jobs.

iOS 16 Beta 3 was released by Apple on July 6 for developers for the purpose of testing before releasing the official update to users.

In this version, Apple has given users the ability to customize the lock screen with a lot of options such as changing colors and fonts, adding widgets to display information. The health software is also added with atrial fibrillation History (how long and how often the body has atrial fibrillation to serve health treatment).

Besides that is the Lockdown Mode feature (pauses all functions on iPhone or iPad or Mac that can be hacked) and some minor software-related improvements.

However, in the new update, Apple suddenly added Clownfish photos to its wallpaper collection. If you are observant, users can realize that this is the background image that appeared with the iPhone 2G during the product launch ceremony of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs at the iPhone 2G introduction ceremony.

At that time, Apple did not give any explanation about the meaning of the image. It is worth noting that this image is not included in the commercial version wallpaper collections.

The fact that Apple suddenly brought back images from the past has made many people excited, the image of two mysterious fishes has been upgraded with a higher resolution, suitable for the current generation of iPhones. . But not all devices are updated with this photo.

Thai Hoang


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