Interview with a vampire adapted in series with a release scheduled for 2022

Almost 30 years since the film reuniting Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Kirsten Dunst, Anne Rice’s novel will once again be adapted, this time for television.

After Dracula, Vampire Diaries, The Originals or True Blood, the craze for series with vampires is still far from over. This time it’s Interview with a Vampire, the 1976 book by American Anne Rice, which will be entitled to its television adaptation. According to the site Variety, eight episodes have been ordered by the AMC channel, for a release scheduled in 2022.

Already last year, the American media revealed that AMC had acquired the rights to the entire series of books Chronicles of the vampires, composed of twelve volumes, and The Mayfair Witch Saga, in three parties. Variety then specified that Anne Rice, the writer of these books, and her son Christopher, would be the executive producers of all the series and films that would emerge from this agreement. A promising acquisition for the television channel, as nearly 100 million copies of Rice’s books have been sold around the world. And so it is by the first work of Vampire chronicles, is Interview with a Vampire, that AMC will begin to exploit the work of the writer.

This volume, published in 1976, will allow Anne Rice to gain worldwide fame, and will help bring the vampire myth back to life. It tells the story of a journalist who is going to interview a vampire, Louis, so that he tells him his life. He will thus explain how he became immortal, transformed by a certain Lestat. But the two men do not have the same vision of things, Louis refusing to kill humans for food, Lestat reveling in it. An animosity that will intensify when Lestat changes a little girl, Claudia, into a vampire. The book was a great success, and was adapted for cinema in 1994 by Neil Jordan (Michael Collins, The Crying Game). Brad Pitt then played the role of Louis, while Tom Cruise played Lestat and the very young Kirsten Dunst, Claudia.

While we do not yet know who will play the different characters in the series, we do know that it is Rolin Jones who will be both screenwriter, show runner and executive producer of the program, notably known for his work in the series Weeds. Mark Johnson, executive producer of breaking Bad or Rain men, joined the production. “This is a day we have been looking forward to since we acquired this legendary collection from Anne Rice just over a year ago, said Dan McDermott, President of AMC Original Programming, at Variety. This story already has millions of fans in the US and around the world, we can’t wait to share this new take on the classic brought to life by Rolin and Mark.


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