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Participating in sports, creative activities, cooking, camping, etc. can help children with hyperactivity disorder improve their mental and physical health.

Follow WebMDAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a brain disorder that affects the ability to pay attention and control behavior. ADHD is common in children and adolescents and may continue into adulthood. Boys have a higher rate of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder than girls.

Children with ADHD seem to have an endless supply of energy, with nothing able to hold their attention long enough. To focus the baby’s energy in a positive direction, parents can let their children participate in activities that help burn excess energy.


One of the ways to get the attention of children with ADHD is to be active, but that doesn’t mean giving them all outdoor sports, what they need is activity. Going for a walk, playing catch or riding a bike with your child helps them increase movement, focus their energy, and be happy and rewarding.

One study found that exercise reduced anxiety, depression, aggression, and social problems in children with ADHD. Participating in a team sport can also be a helpful option for children with ADHD.

However, parents should consider the right sport for their child’s needs. For example, a child with hyperactive or impulsive ADHD should engage in vigorous activities such as wrestling or swimming; while an inattentive ADHD child will do better with a sport that has a short-term goal like athletics.

Involving children in sports improves their mental health. Image: Freepik


Another way to release energy for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is to encourage them to be creative by writing, drawing, collage, sculpting…

Creativity benefits many mental health conditions, including ADHD. Expressive arts therapy can help children practice and strengthen certain skills such as concentration, communication, and problem solving. It can also be helpful in expressing emotions, building self-awareness, and reducing stress levels.

One study found that allowing children with ADHD to draw and talk about their lives was an in-depth approach to their interests and inner self. In short, let your child’s imagination run wild.

Clean up competition

Many children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder often have difficulty in organizing. However, cleaning can be a fun activity if parents make it a game.

Help your child organize toys, clothes or school supplies by racing to see who can clean up the fastest. Parents can schedule 5-10 minutes to see how much the two teams can clean in that time; Challenge children how many clothes can be folded and stored…

Create adventure game

Children with ADHD are often adventurous and new experiences are more likely to capture their interest. Organize a treasure hunt at home or go hiking with your kids to find interesting things. Parents should bring a camera so they can record their child’s findings.

Since children with ADHD often struggle with feelings of boredom, introducing novel activities can be one way to help them stay interested. So mix things up and create new activities regularly to stimulate your baby’s curiosity.

Drawing is an activity that helps children with ADHD unleash their imagination.  Photo: Freepik

Drawing is an activity that helps children with ADHD unleash their imagination. Image: Freepik


Gaming is a great way to help children with ADHD focus their energy and have fun while building valuable skills. Memory games or word puzzles can improve a child’s brain and attention span. Other fun activities your baby can try include: assembling toys, inflatable volleyball, dancing, playing music, overcoming indoor obstacles, jumping rope, swinging hoops, jumping on a trampoline…

Parents can combine the available items in the house according to their imagination, make everything attractive and make the baby not feel bored when participating in the game.

Camping, picnic

Sometimes, planning a day trip is the best way to keep a child with ADHD entertained. Museums, zoos, amusement parks, or campsites are all new places to grab your child’s attention.

Going on a picnic is an outdoor activity that helps bring families together. Parents and children can prepare some snacks together, go to the park or picnic area, organize their own fun games. Meanwhile, going camping can help ADHD children immerse themselves in nature, enjoy running and exploring. Visiting the museum provides an opportunity to learn and learn about art, culture and history for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Camping and picnic activities are very useful for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  Photo: Freepik

Camping and picnic activities are very useful for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Image: Freepik


Cooking is one way to help children with ADHD develop actively because it involves many different senses. This activity also helps parents bond with their children, teaching them valuable life skills. Starting with simple recipes suitable for children, gradually working to make more complex dishes, parents can inculcate this habit in their children by spending certain days of the week with their children preparing dishes. their favorite meal.


Stargazing is a gentle, fun activity for children that can teach them about science and the world around them. Parents can plan a weekend hike, rock climbing, or beach walk. These activities provide opportunities for children to explore, enjoy fresh air and exercise.

Studies show that exposure to nature and green spaces can have a positive impact on the mental health of children, including those with ADHD.

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