Integrated air filtration technology on air conditioners helps improve hospital air quality

New generation air conditioners are integrated with advanced air filtration technology, helping to improve the air quality at the hospital.

Recently, Hanoi Medical University Hospital has just been awarded and installed 71 air conditioners integrated with Panasonic’s nanoe™ X air purification technology. This event is part of the project “Improving hospital air quality” that this Japanese brand is implementing.

Mr. Nguyen Lan Hieu – Director of Hanoi Medical University Hospital – said that Panasonic’s air purifiers will be installed at facility 1 of the hospital (Ton That Tung street) to contribute to a better working environment. clean and healthy work and examination for medical staff and patients.

The signing ceremony of the agreement to sponsor air conditioners of Panasonic Vietnam and Hanoi Medical University Hospital.

Previously, Mr. Hieu said that the hospital’s second facility (in Hoang Mai) has a well-invested air system from the beginning, so even though it is treating nearly 300 Covid-19 patients, it has not been recorded yet. any cross-contamination.

Therefore, he expressed his joy and peace of mind when he learned that Panasonic had a project to donate essential equipment to the hospital in order to provide comprehensive health care for people with an air-conditioning system integrating advanced technology. advance nanoeTM X.

Since Hanoi Medical University Hospital is also a scientific research and teaching unit, the introduction of new technologies into the hospital, according to the Director of Hanoi Medical Hospital, is the hospital’s mission to serve the patients. patient service and create a practice environment for the medical team here.

Currently, Panasonic is also handing over and installing 150 products to the Traditional Medicine Hospital of the Ministry of Public Security and 40 products to Huu Nghi Hospital in Hanoi and will continue to implement it at other hospitals in Vietnam. Hue and Ho Chi Minh City in this March. Total funding value is up to 15 billion VND.

According to Panasonic, nanoe™ X are micro-sized charged water molecules containing free OH radicals, which absorb Hydrogen from water-forming contaminants and inhibit the activity of viruses, bacteria, molds, allergens and other harmful agents, as well as eliminating odors.

The global research organization for Texcell virus testing has verified the ability to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 virus of Panasonic air conditioners equipped with nanoe™ X technology. Accordingly, Texcell verified that turning on an air conditioner equipped with nanoe™ X for 8 hours can inhibit 91.4% of SARS-CoV-2 activity in a space of 6.7m3. The test was performed in an enclosed laboratory environment, and is not designed to evaluate effectiveness in uncontrolled living spaces.

Besides, nanoe™ X can work independently of the cooling or heating feature of the air conditioner, effectively filtering the air.

Integrated air filtration technology on air conditioners helps improve hospital air quality

Nanoe™ X technology helps inhibit bacteria and viruses to bring a fresh air

The hospital is always a place where many people gather in an enclosed space, creating conditions for bacteria and viruses to operate in the air. In the context that society is returning to a new normal and adapting to a complicated epidemic situation, it is important to regularly clean the air, remove pollutants, and reduce the risk of virus spread. , bacteria is a necessary job.

Cleaning the air in the hospital helps the medical team to focus on their work, the patients improve their mental health and recover quickly, the treatment from there is more convenient. In addition, the patient’s family also feels secure living in a cool, clean space.

More broadly, improving the air quality in hospitals is also contributing to the improvement of public health by paying attention to the general living environment.

Thien Phuc

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