Insurers say they are mobilized for the reconfinement

Posted on Nov 1, 2020 at 2:56 p.m.

Agencies that will remain open, tolerance on late payment of premiums, aid to administratively closed businesses, investment plan … After being violently criticized during the first confinement, the insurance sector wants to avoid a new fiasco during the second.

Insurers will be fully mobilized in the field alongside their policyholders and will continue to offer solutions to support them », Declared Friday Florence Lustman, president of the French Federation of Insurance (FFA).

As lessors, its 280 members have committed to waive at least one month’s rent for administratively closed businesses with fewer than 250 employees and for hotels, cafes and restaurants, during the months of October, November and December. 2020.

This measure is part of the government’s proposal to share the cost of dropping rents between the State and donors. On Thursday, the Minister of Finance had announced a tax credit corresponding to 30% of the amount of abandoned rents.

The mobilization of the sector comes as its image suffered during the first confinement. While having announced individual and collective measures totaling 3.8 billion euros, including 400 million contribution to the solidarity fund, he was blamed for his management of the crisis.

Pandemic insurance

At the heart of the matter, insurance contracts for business interruption, which did not all provide coverage due to the pandemic and sparked a wave of protests and lawsuits against insurers from the restaurants or hotels affected by the measures. containment.

Without waiting for a new contribution to the insurance solidarity fund, some of which are financially tested, Bruno Le Maire remains demanding. ” I especially to insurers to conclude on the pandemic insurance project on which we have been working for a month and a half now. ”, Declared Thursday the Minister of Finance.

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